3M™ Easy Trap Duster - 5" x 6" x 125'

Traps up to 8X more dirt, dust and sand than conventional flat fringed cotton dust mops or a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand. Has the power to trap more hair than traditional dust mops and a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand. No special tool required. Use on existing floor tool or high duster. Glides through and traps hair even on wet surfaces. Convenient disposable sheets, no laundering required. Ideal for picking up glitter and other small particles. After one side is used, flip it over and use the other side. Sheets are made with a minimum of 60% recycled content.

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Bio-Vert Hand Dusting Kit

Comes with (2) Dust-2, (2) Dust-Replace and (1) 12 x 12 blue towel.

Manufacturers Item #DUSTKIT-2
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Texas Feathers Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

High quality, woven Microfiber Cleaning Cloth offers more scrubbing power than ordinary sponges or rags. Cleans without streaking or spreading dirt and grease. Works best when used damp. 16" x 16" dark blue.

Manufacturers Item #CMC-1616C
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Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Green Microfiber Cloth

Best-in-class microfiber delivers superior cleaning performance and durability. Rinse and re-use. Launderable up to 40 times. Sanitizer safe. Compatible with bleach for cleaning and washing.

Manufacturers Item #1805730
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Texas Feathers Microfiber Glass & Mirror Cloth - Yellow

Removes fine dirt that dulls natural shine. The fabric incorporates a tight weave for lint free cleaning. More economical than paper towels. 14" x 16".

Manufacturers Item #CMG-1416C
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Bio-Vert General Purpose Microfiber Towels

General purpose mixed towels. Comes in retail packaging.

Manufacturers Item #T-MULTI-PACK
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CPI V Mop Replacement Head - 36"

2 per case.

Manufacturers Item #RSR58
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CPI Dust Mop V Handle

Manufacturers Item #RSR76
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Wilen® Standard Microfiber Cloths

This economical cloth weighs 30-35 grams and contains 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Ideal for bid situations. Earthtone™. The highest quality, lint-free microfiber. Extremely durable. Can be laundered hundreds of times! 16" x 16".

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Rubbermaid® 12" Microfiber Cloth Retail Pack

Quality microfiber products for less demanding users. Microfiber cloths withstand hundreds of launderings.

Manufacturers Item #Q606
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Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Microfiber General Purpose Cloths

Industry-best microfiber cloths include scrubbing strips and high quality knitting for better absorption and debris pickup. Double-finished edges provide durability and shape retention. Withstands up to 200 degrees F hot water for bleach-free sanitation. Color-coded for general purpose and special applications to help reduce cross-transmission. Durable up to 500 launderings.

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Texas Feathers Microfiber Lambswool Dusting Sleeve - Green

Fits over our lambswool duster head. The fibers trap and hold dirt and dust particles more effectively than lambswool. Ideal for broad, flat surface dusting. 5" x 14".

Manufacturers Item #CMD-0514G
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