Liquid Deodorant


Betco® BestScent™ Ocean Breeze Odor Counteractant-Gal.

Concentrated special blend of fragrance oils and malodor counteractants chemical bond to malodors effectively neutralizing them. Concentrated deodorizer.

Manufacturers Item #23104
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Clean Control OdoBan® Deodorizer Disinfectant - Gal.

Mildewstat. Virucide. Sanitizer. Multi-purpose cleaner. Kills viruses in 60 seconds. Kills 99.99% of germs in 60 seconds. Air freshener. Laundry refresher. Lavender scent. Concentrate, one gallon makes up to 32 gallons.

Manufacturers Item #911162-G4
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Harvard Pro Smoke Malodor Encapsulant - Gal.

Works by micro encapsulation and is not an odor mask or covering agent. Can be used as a fogger. Safe for use on stain resistant carpet. Clear liquid with super fresh odor. pH: 7 to 8.

Manufacturers Item #72204
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Fresh Conqueror 103

Odor counteractant. Concentrated formula. Higher fragrance and surfactants than leading RTU competitors. Saves money - can use full strength on problem areas or diluted to stretch your dollar without sacrificing performance. Versatile - can be used on hard surfaces, carpets, in mop water, fogging applications, laundry or other water based solutions. Use with trigger sprayers for spot treatment.

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