Loop Mop Heads


ETC Barracuda® Wet Mops

Available in various sizes. The long staple fingers used in this blend mean less linting while the blend itself gives longer life to the mop. A blended yarn for superior absorbency; No break-in period.

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ETC Seahorse® Wet Mops

Available in various sizes. Designed for those many applications where performance and price are both a concern. Good quality cotton yarn that delivers good performance.

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ETC Super Deluxe Torpedo™ Wet Mop - Large, Blue

The time saving Torpedo wet mop requires no break-in period before using it to mop. ETC's Torpedo wet mop will absorb the liquids immediately. Launderable. Minimal shrinkage. Available in 5 colors for specific usage. The super deluxe Torpedo has a fantail loop with a 5" mesh headband. Tail band and headband colors match the color of the mop.

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O'Dell Patriot Looped End Mops w/Wide Headband

Made from a unique yarn blend whose source gives them their distinctive color. Derived from the manufacture of military uniforms, this 100% recycled yarn is a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. The presence of Kevlar® in the recycled material provides added toughness and abrasion resistance. This yarn is highly absorbent and durable enough for heavy-duty cleaning. Tailband helps reduce streaking, snagging and loose strings. Launderable and reusable. Good for heavy cleaning. Made in the USA.

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Rubbermaid® Super Stitch® Blend Mop - Small, 1", Green

Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarns for absorbency and strength. Looped-ends and yarn tailband mop for greater floor coverage.

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