Poo-Pourri® Déjà Poo Toilet Spray - 2 oz.

Item # DJP-002-CB

  • Boost your bathroom karma by leaving the toilet smelling better than you found it with a pure blend of white flowers and citrus essential oils.
  • 100 uses
2 oz., ea
Manufacturers Item #DJP-002-CB
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Before-you-go[R] toilet Spray. It's pretty simple, really! When spritzed into the toilet bowl before-you-go, Poo-Pourri's[R] pure blend of Natural Essential Oils creates a film on the surface of the water. The protective barrier traps odor under the surface, before it ever begins! All you'll smell is a refreshing bouquet of Natural Essential Oils. Flush yeah! Unconditional Stink Free Guarantee. If one of our products doesn't totally tickle your fancy, send it back for a refund.

100 uses.