Purtabs 3.3g Effervescent Disinfecting & Sanitizing Tablets

Purtabs 3.3g Effervescent Disinfecting & Sanitizing Tablets

Item # ESPT3.3G

  • An EPA Registered multipurpose, economical, and safer alternative to bleach.
200 ct., 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #ESPT3-3G
  • Cold and Flu Prevention & COVID-19 Efficacy
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Optimized for quick dilution as a NSF D2 Certified No Rinse / No Wipe Food Contact Surface Safe Sanitizer. They are the ideal solution to use with the Protexus (PX200ES) Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer to produce a sanitizing system that is not only more efficient, but more effective with up to 80% more coverage than traditional infection control programs.

  • From killing C Diff in hospitals to functioning as an NSF D2 Certified Food Contact Surface Safe Sanitizer, PURTABS can consolidate your chemical closet and standardize your training and processes with one chemical that accomplishes up to 99% of your faci
  • PURTABS unique non-bleaching NaDCC chemistry mixes with normal tap water to create up to 5 different concentrations of hypochlorous acid which possesses up to 4x the killing power of hypochlorite solutions yet is less toxic, and 50% less corrosive than bl
  • Compared to bleach solutions which can lose up to 50% of their potency in mere hours, PURTABS are stable in an open container for 24 hours and a closed container for up to 7 days.
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