NAPCO Grocery Cart Liner - 40 x 25 x 36

NAPCO Grocery Cart Liner - 40 x 25 x 36

Item # NAP-GC65367C

  • Virus and bacteria barrier. Additional safety for the shopper and store employees, especially while there is a shortage of sanitizer and disinfectant.
  • Cart liner meets standards for food contact
  • Bag gauge: .7; Clear
40 x 25 x 36, 100/cs
Manufacturers Item #GC65367C
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Additional sanitizing measures such as wipes and spray would not be required.

Application Options

  • Store employees insert the bags into the carts for the customer. (probably the best practice.)
  • Box of cart liners are placed near the carts for the shopper to self-insert into the shopping cart.

Disposal Options

  • The customer returns the cart and places the bag in a bin, or cart designated for disposal. (Probably the best practice.)
  • The customer keeps the bag.
  • The customer leaves the bag in the cart and returns the cart. Store employees remove the bags prior to returning the empty carts to the store.
  • Once bags are disposed of at the store, the bags can be added to the other plastic waste for standard recycling.
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